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You’re invited to grab a complimentary private session to get clarity on finding your clients & sharing what you offer without ever feeling like you're selling them or begging them to take you up on your offer.

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From: Jill Hart

Though over the last 40 years I've been focused on selling in various industries like real estate, mortgages, life insurance, MLM and even truck driving careers, it wasn't until I got clarity on the offer, I was making that I was able to consistently help others solve the problem I wanted to help them solve.


It was the turning point that made creating a foolproof marketing system & plan that was scaleable possible.

Are you ready to get clarity on your offer, implement a systematic way of finding your ideal clients & create your own plan to scale?

Let me guess...

👉You are feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information available on starting a coaching practice.

👉You don't have a clear- cut offer that addresses a specific problem for your ideal client.

👉You find it difficult to target the correct audience because you don't solve a specific set of problems.

👉Even when you do generate leads, they are not qualified or interested in your services.

How many times have you told yourself (this week)...

"I just can't seem to find clients to work with who are willing to pay me, and it's starting to feel like a waste of time."

I was there once too! But after a lot of trial and error and soul searching, I realized I have a superpower that I was ignoring. It was developed from years of training, paying attention to data & feedback loops...

My superpower is problem solving & helping coaches create sustainable practices so they can make a difference AND a living.

It IS Possible to Get Clients

Without feeling like you are twisting arms, begging people to hire you or giving your services away for free.

Imagine what it would be like for your ideal clients to ask to work with you!!

During this 60-minute private Empathy Edge Discovery Session, you’ll receive laser-focused, strategies and resources designed to move you closer to making the difference you want to make.

Discover how to avoid the most common mistake coaches make that keeps them from making the impact & income they want to make

Discover how to easily share what you do in a way that has your ideal clients begging to work with you

Discover how to leverage your skills to scale so you can help more people.

Discover what’s been holding you back from getting beyond certification - to actually making a difference & a living

✓ Get crystal clear about what the process is to create an offer & find clients that you can help.

✓ Gain 2-3 powerful strategies so that you have the tools to actually make an offer that gets accepted.

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